Patch notes 1


  • Camera tracking improvements for the Locus Impurus level.
  • Fixed several layering and particle issues for Versus levels.
  • The overheat indicator in the player overhead UI has been significantly increased in size to prevent players from taking fire damage without knowing what is happening.


  • The “Dats a Weird Lookin Deffdread” achievement should now be unlockable.
  • The lobby “ready” and “start” can now be triggered by pressing the spacebar on a keyboard. This also provides a workaround for players who are currently unable to use their mouse in the lobby while we are still investigating the cause of said issue.
  • The Leman Russ no longer loses its cannon when killed by fire.
  • Shokka Pistol damage during Waaagh now deals an appropriate amount of damage.
  • Rokkit launcher sound effects no longer disappear after clearing the second level.
  • A tentative fix for disconnects during loading screens was added, which should significantly reduce the number of disconnects players experience.
  • Fixed some potential crashes during loading.



We’re monitoring where players are struggling or breezing through. There won’t be many changes in this small hotfix, but for now we did notice that hard mode players seemed to desire a greater challenge.

  • Damage taken in Hard mode slightly increased overall.

The Bastion of Valor

Many players struggled longer than expected with the second phase of the first boss on all modes, so we’re reducing its difficulty overall:

  • Significantly increased time between crates falling down.
  • Significantly increased the time between enemy spawns.
  • Moderately reduced charge damage.
  • Moderately reduced falling crate impact damage.
  • Slightly reduced falling crate explosion damage.
  • Slightly reduced falling crate projectile speed.

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