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Level Designer

We are looking for a creative Level Designer to expand our team. You will develop interesting, challenging and fun gameplay scenarios based on the creative vision. You are going to work closely with developers, artists and other disciplines to make sure we develop an entertaining, memorable and breath-taking game.


  • Create immersive gameplay scenarios that support and enhance the core mechanics and creative vision of the game.
  • Take your scenarios from concept to final polish.
  • Ensure a memorable game where form follows function through close collaboration with art, narrative and other disciplines.
  • Collaborate with others to define and tweak game mechanics.
  • As the project progresses, integrate the content produced by other disciplines for your designs into the game engine (new gameplay elements, AI, sound, etc).
  • Conduct gameplay evaluations with the team providing feedback and suggestions to help fine tune and improve the game.
  • Locate and fix bugs in both your own and your colleague’s work.

Skills & Requirements

  • Experience using level editing tools within Unity.
  • Ability to clearly express and present ideas.
  • Proven success in creating varied and memorable gameplay experiences and levels.
  • Excellent understanding of level design fundamentals and the role of level design in the overall player experience.
  • Ability to create level geometry and gameplay scenarios on all stages – from simple drawings to fully functional levels.
  • Ability to use all elements of the game world, including level geometry, texturing, lighting, sound and VFX to craft unique player experiences.
  • Strong communication skills.
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