First Look At The Three Eras

Get a first look at the three new eras!

Hello, Adventurers!

We’re excited to bring you a first look at the new eras you’ll be exploring in Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery. Our team has worked tirelessly to create richly detailed and immersive environments that will transport you across time and space. In this update, we’ll dive into the Victorian era, a futuristic Sci-Fi world, and the mysterious Noire setting. Let’s embark on this journey through history and beyond!

The Age of Innovation and Elegance

Step back into the Victorian era, a time of elegance, innovation, and a hint of mystery. In this era, you’ll find yourself amidst grandiose architecture, lavishly decorated rooms, and the hustle and bustle of 19th-century city life. As you navigate through intricately designed scenes, keep an eye out for hidden objects that capture the essence of this historical period.

A Glimpse into the Future

Blast off to the Sci-Fi era, where the future is bright, bold, and full of technological marvels. This era invites you to explore futuristic cities, advanced spaceships, and alien landscapes. The vibrant, imaginative settings are a playground for those who love to discover hidden objects in the most unexpected places.

Mystery and Intrigue

Transport yourself to the Noir era, where the world is painted in shades of grey, and every corner hides a secret. Inspired by the classic film noir genre, this era brings a gritty, suspenseful atmosphere to your hidden object adventure. The dimly lit streets, smoky jazz clubs, and shadowy alleys are filled with clues waiting to be discovered.

Creating these diverse and immersive eras has been a labor of love for our team. Each setting offers unique gameplay experiences and challenges, ensuring that  Hidden Through Time 2: Discovery provides something for every player. Whether you’re solving a mystery in the rain-soaked streets of a Noire city, exploring the technological wonders of a Sci-Fi future, or marveling at the innovations of the Victorian age, we hope you’ll find each era as captivating and engaging as we do.

Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through time and imagination!

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