Developer Update #4: Interactions

Hey everyone!

Welcome to another developer update on Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic. In this edition we will talk a bit and show a few examples of the different interactions that make the game feel more alive and vibrant.

We aim to transform the gaming experience beyond the realm of a typical hidden object game, by infusing the world with vitality and immersion. Our focus revolves around three fundamental elements, all working in harmony to breathe life and vibrancy into the game, with the goal to elevate the user experience.

Engaging Interactions:
Our primary emphasis is on interactions. We understand that interactions are more than just clicking on objects – they encapsulate the dynamic actions that follow. Whether it’s a character, an item, or any other object really, each click is carefully designed to provide players with some sort of feedback. These responses may manifest as both auditory and visual cues. From characters playfully waving back to the player to apples being consumed and the ability to toggle lights. Every interaction is intended to evoke a tangible reaction.

A few examples:

Fluid Movement:
Movement is a pivotal aspect that has already been introduced in the previous installment. However, we’ve turnt it up a notch by implementing a comprehensive set of improvements. The latest version empowers players to meticulously tailor character paths according to their preferences like customizing the number of nodes on a path, incorporating stops to trigger animations, or enabling characters to idle seamlessly. Furthermore, the inclusion of rear-view perspectives for all characters and animals ensures a seamless and organic perspective shift.

Example: pathing of a vehicle

Extra Background Music Options:
We recognize the influential role music plays in the game’s ambiance. Rather than a single track on repeat, we’ve curated a collection of music that adapts to the era you are playing in. This transformational approach to music enhances the thematic experience and makes each map more captivating. Additionally, the online map creator grants players the autonomy to choose music tracks that best resonate with their vision, further elevating the immersive quality of the game.

All music:
Main Theme Calm
Main Theme Intense
80s Intense
80s Variant
Arabian Intense
Arabian Variant
Greek Intense
Greek Variant
Medieval Intense
Medieval Variant
Fast Intense
Fast Variant

In essence, our commitment is to deliver an exciting gaming encounter that transcends the boundaries of conventional hidden object games. Through meticulously crafted interactions, seamless movement, and a broader musical landscape, we aspire to create a world that thrives.

Stay tuned for more updates as we draw closer to the release of Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic. Join the conversation on Discord and follow us on socials.



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